How to Bid ? 

1. Register for the product that you want to win. After paying the registration amount you can bid any number of times of the same product.

2. When Auction Actions Start bidding process will continue for 1 hour and you can update you bid everytime to become the highest bidder. After 1 hours of live auctions the bidding process will end.

3. After bidding process ends in 1 hour the name of winner will be declared every day within 24 hours of end of bidding process.

4. The name of winner will be declared in the Victory List given on home page.

5. After the sytem declares you winner you will be notified by sms and email in your account to pay the remaining amount in your CLAIM YOUR PRODUCT Tab with 24 hours of winner declaration.

6. Your win will be confirmed after paying the pending amount and now your product will be declared to your doorstep within next 8-10 business days.

For more queries you can email us at [email protected]



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